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I gotta say that I just discovered this community and I love it already. I just had a debate with my friend about casual sex and I was like "I just can't do it with someone I don't love" and she was all like "why?" like I was some type of chaste freak or something. We got into that conversation because I wrote this poem.

Love or Lust?

By ncfwhitetigress

He took her by her honey lips

That cold morning in November

And placed his hands upon her hips

Fireplace burning one last ember

The silk smooth skin beneath the gown

Grew hot with carnal lust

His fingers working their way down

Once he had gained her trust

Now eight months after copulation

Her stomach’s grown quite round

She looks down at their creation

Tears tumbling to the ground

For he’s no longer there with her

He left the morning after

Seduction with a sexy purr

And with his charming laughter

Used, abused, she sat and mused

Since the two had parted

Thinking if she’d just refused

She’d be not broken-hearted

Her face marked by a lonely frown

She should’ve took her time

The moral is to slow on down

True love is hard to find

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