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Parting Rant

This shall be the second community I leave (which I am sure makes some quite happy), due to frustration and emotional exhaustion. However, this time before going, I shall leave some parting words, which will no doubt be ripped to shreds, chewed up, and spit back out, because I am after all an idiot who doesn't think for herself and just believes anything she's told or read, but whatever. Basically, here's one last chance to piss on me.

It may come as a shock to some, but I'll let you all in on a little secret. Being overtly sexual, having lots of sex and many partners does not mean that one is "liberated" and "in touch with their sexuality," no matter what people would have you believe. The most overtly sexual people, who have had the most sex and numerous partners, whos identities are primarily focused on having someone to screw are often the least liberated and least in touch with their sexualities. If they weren't, I doubt sex would throw them into emotional hell and they wouldn't be stuck with partners who make them anything but happy because they buy the bs that being single and not having sex is **GASP** a fate worse than death.

Why the hell it's become more acceptable to have a fuckbuddy than to wait for someone who gives a damn about you is beyond me. I mean, when the hell did sex without emotional attatchment become the norm? Get a freakin' vibrator or blow-up doll if that's all your after and safe your potential black-book names a lot of shit.

And now to close, I shall quote from some cheesy movie I caught on USA awhile back. It seems appropo for this community.

A couple of strippers walk into a shoe store. One of the employees is an ex-stripper and asks them which club they're working at. They tell her and snidely remark, "We're just using what we got to get what we want..."

The clerk replies back, "Well... if that's all you got... you must not want very much..."

Just something to keep in mind, folks. Adieu... and remember, don't let the sluts bring you down, because you can do more standing tall than they ever do laying down.
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