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Share! Share! Share!

Who has a good slut story?! Someone you know personally, someone you only ran into once, but once was enough...

Just curious to hear about other people's actual runs in's with these people we deem sluts.

I'll start it off, get the ball rolling.

I know this girl named Julie... or Skanky Little Ho, as I fondly refer to her now. She's one of those girls that's in an "open" relationship with her boyfriend. Both are bi, not that I have anything against it, I don't care, but it does mean that their "open" relationship has twice as wide a playing field, and they DO play it. In fact, they also tend to enjoy bringing people home to share... parties at their place have a tendency to end in nakedness (which is why we leave early if we go).

Julie just turned 20, and has a 4 year old, just some background.

Now, my issue with this child is not that she fucked up when she was in high school, nor that her and her boyfriend like to have orgies, if I don't see it, I don't care. My issue is that this girl has decided that she likes MY boyfriend, who's in a band with hers, and has stated that she can't promise she wont try anything if she gets drunk around him, she's written about it in her LJ (it's open). In fact, the ho has said to me that she wants to get him drunk and try something... the audacity. When it threatens my world/happiness, it will be subject to my wrath!

I trust my man to respond appropriatly, of that I'm not worried. What pisses me off is that this ho has no respect for me, or him, obviously. She claims to want to be his friend, but no friend would risk hurting another friend by crossing so clearly drawn of a line. She doesn't care what I say, and gets more aggresive when I tell her to back off. And since her man and mine are in a band together, she's around at things like pratice, and her and her man invite mine out all the time (omitting me, which has changed since I found all this out, of that you can be sure)

Oh, want to her just how classy this chick is? She gave her boyfriends room mate a blow job because he wouldn't leave her alone about it... No other reason, just blew him to get him off her back. He actually got pissed about it, her boyfriend, so she can't care to much about him either to cross a line there, when their relationship has so few to begin with.

That's my Super Slut story, thanks for letting me rant... who's next!
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Ugh, she sounds like a real whore... Funny pics, btw.
he he he, thank you.
I don't see open relationships as being a necessary sign that someone is a slut. Sometimes, people choose open relationships because of the deep feelings that they have for people.

That doesn't seem like the case here. Heh. She seems to have chosen open relationships because she's wet. And trying to seduce your boyfriend and be deceptive is infinitly not cool.
naw, it's her attitude toward others relationship that kind of red flags slut to me, and the things like the BJ to the room mate. No respect. The open relationship isn't the issue except for the fact that with her it means a lack of respect for those in manogamous ones. I have other friends in open relationships that would never try anything like what she's doing, because the respect other people and their feelings. Does that makes sense? Why I see her as a slut?
Um. I was agreeing with you in my reply. It made sense before.

I was just including my opinion about open relationships, since I'm sure that some people here feel all open relationships are -evil-. ;)
Oh, I read wrong then, lol, sorry.
Yeah. I realize that my reply wasn't exactly the most clear :)
I was just including my opinion about open relationships, since I'm sure that some people here feel all open relationships are -evil-. ;)

Some people here think sex is evil. Oh wait he was banned.
hahaha i love the last one!

she would look perfect with a black eye :D
You're telling me! I'm not a violent person, I've never been in a fight, never hit anyone, but man do I have a desire to deck her! God, just her arrogance thinking she can do these things, and claims that all it would hurt is mine and his relationship... sure, if he doesn't do anything it won't hurt that, but I'll sure hurt her if she tries anything, lol.
ah, see, its different for me. if it didnt end in me getting expelled from school...i would gladly kick the shit out of every slut i see. i dunno, thats just me, i suppose. but anyway, don't let that bimbo get the best of you. i'm sure your boyfriend has enough sense to stay away from the likes of trash like that. man, i bet fucking her would be like fucking a trash can haha
lol, nasty! Fucking her would probably also mean failing your next STD test :P

oh, and pardon the irrelivance but: man, don't you hate horny teenagers? i mean, younger and younger kids are becoming sexually active (LIKE MIDDLE SCHOOL YEARS)...its not supposed to work that way! they prolly don't even know where to put it.
lol, I know... I mean, I remeber being 14 (ten years ago... that makes me feel old, lol) and I don't remeber thinking "hey I'd like to fuck him!" ... "he's cute!" maybe "I'd like to kiss him!" but nothing more... The whole mentality if changing, it's scary.
i know. and to think i have to see these dickshits everyday. ill totally be laughing in their faces when they get STDs/pregnant


12 years ago

You can be poly and have multiple partners without being a slut, at least in my definition of slut. Now having no respect for your partner, your relationship with that partner or another person's relationship are definite signs of being a skanky, little slut. If she truly cares about her partner she wouldn't be doing things that will be extremely disruptive for his band. My husband is in a band, and I would never do anything that jeopardized his relationship with the other members because I love him too much. She obviously doesn't care about her own relationship so why would she really care about yours? So she's not only a skank and a slut but selfish as well.
As I mentioned to someone else, it's one the fact that she's in an open relationship in and of itself that makes her a slut, never meant to imply that, but that with her it seems to allow the slutyness a play gournd with which to amuse itself. For her an open relationship doesn't mean that she can get close to and find pleasure and love in another perosn, it means she can have sex with whomever she wants and still have someone to come home to.

I have other friends in open relationship, really good friends, and it's not for the sex, although it includes that, it's for the allowance of bonding with other people on a level they feel comfortable with sharing. Huge difference between that and using at as excuse to try to get into all your sig. other's friends pants (which is what I see when I see how they are).
TYPO: that's supose to read "it's NOT the fact that she's in an open relationship in and of..." sorry.
I agree. I used to be poly and several of my partners were married. I always respected their primary relationships and stayed away when they were having problems in those relationships because my presence would have just made things worse.

She, the slut, sounds like the kind of person who gives polyamory a very bad name.
See, if someone wants to be in a open relationship then that's their choice (as long as it's not my boyfriend!) but when "open relationship" is codeword for "I can have sex with whoever I want WHEE!" yeah that's definitely not cool.

Though on a more serious note, if she finds this entry with pics of her you can get seriously nailed by LJ abuse, and rightfully so. I'd take out the pics if I was you just in case of the worst case scenario.
Thanks for the recomendation... I'll think about it. Maybe after a day or so...
See, if someone wants to be in a open relationship then that's their choice (as long as it's not my boyfriend!) but when "open relationship" is codeword for "I can have sex with whoever I want WHEE!" yeah that's definitely not cool.

The difference between the ethical slut and the unethical slut. The former I have no problem with, spent most of my adult life as one in fact. The latter needs to be kicked to the curb and left in the gutter.
great pictures. I like your whole slut of the party.

The one I knew who I refer to as slutty well she was a heavy set slut with DD's and would make it a point at every party to do a handstand whenever she wore a tube top. Well you can guess what happened. Those 2 sandbags would pop out and then she would pretend like she didn't know it was going to happen. Maybe she could have said that the first time but the 10th time give me a break. Then she would go around to everyone trying to invite them to have a 3som. She is the kind of girl that thought that if a guy said 'hi' in a nice way it really ment 'lets have sex'. Anywho no suprise when she got knocked up because she rarely used protection(no condoms or BC) but luckly now she seems to have changed because of the baby. I hope so because a child doesn't deserve to have a mother like that.
It's kind of sad when a girl thinks that the only positive attention she can get is physical, so goes after it all the time... and they don't seem to realize, or maybe just don't care, that the rest of us are shaking our heads at them, or laughing depending on their antics.

I too hope that she's changed, for the sake of the kid as well as herself.
yea it is sad. She does lack some serious self respect. She lets guys walk all over her. Now I think she is starting to realize that because of her baby. She said she wants to be the best mother she can be so I hope she will change because if she doesn't then she needs to give that baby up for adoption.