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LOL, I can't believe I found this community... it's perfect. Especially due to some issues I've been having lately involving someone I like to refer to as The Skanky Little Ho. I'll probably share the story soon, see what others may think of my problem, maybe see if anyone has any advice or thoughts...

Reading the bio to this community is why i joined. Reading some of the entries by member... not so much, but I can differentiate between someones personal, specific opinion, and a slightly more vague gernally, shared one. you're welcome to share your opinion with me, I may not agree, and I may debate, but I'll never put you down, or fight you over it (big difference between fighting and debating, one takes intelligence, the other merely a way to vocalize).

My name is Tiffany. I'm 24, just turned, and I've been with my current boyfriend for the past two years. Longest relationship I've ever had, but the most fullfilling and honestly, one I can see lasting. Past relationships never lasted long for me, because as soon as I knew it wasn't working, I left. No reason to beat a dead horse, right?

Anyway. I remained a virgin until I was nearly 21. I was raised to wait until I was married, I choose to wait until I knew I could handle the responsibility. Started as a religious reason, turned into a spiritual one, then just simply a personal, logical one. I'm glad for it all. I love the man I'm with now, and although I did not loose it to him, I can't even recall what it was like before him. Sex is one way I feel we grow closer and deepen our bond, a way that is shared only by the two of us.

I guess that's as good an into as any...

{edit} and real quick, this isn't a promo, it's asking for input. I've got a page on my personal site titled "The Sults of the Party" and I'm looking for contributions, if you have any, please feel free to e-mail them to me
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